Bauble Along with Me!

Bauble Along with Me

Bauble Along with Me

I’m very excited to be offering the Bauble Along as the first stitch-along on my blog.  Bauble has two of my favorite quilty things:  Kona Cotton Solids and pieced hexagons!  What more could I ask for?  Oh wait a minute, how about an acrylic template to cut all the pieces?  Yes, got that covered!

So, how does the Bauble Along work?  I’ve created a Facebook group where everyone can post photos of their blocks and quilt.  Progress photos are a must.  Oh, and don’t forget to share your yummy fabric and any tips you have.

Bauble square

Click the button here or in the side bar to go to the Facebook Group.

You’ll need to purchase the Color Continuum No 3 book by Emily Cier of Carolina Patchworks.  You can make a template from the paper pattern, or purchase one or both of the optional acrylic templates. Did I say templates?  Why, yes I did!  Not only did I find an acrylic for the paper template, but a second acrylic that will eliminate about one-third of the seams in the hexagons.  How cool is that?  I will be posting photos of my blocks and tips on piecing the hexagons and quilt top starting July 13th.

If you would like to be entered in the drawing for a set of the acrylic templates, leave me a comment by July 10th that includes BAUBLE ACRYLIC GIVEAWAY.

Sure, you don’t have to join the Facebook group to stitch-along, to see my blocks and the tips.   But if you do, Emily has provided the group with a discount code for her book, and you’ll have access to the template ordering information.  Sweet!

Hop on over to the Facebook group and get ready to Bauble Along!

Happy Quilting!


26 thoughts on “Bauble Along with Me!

  1. A great looking quilt! I’d love to win the BAUBLE ACRYLIC GIVEAWAY so I could make a quilt too.


  2. Oooh looks like fun, I would love to be entered in the BAUBLE ACRYLIC GIVEAWAY please!


  3. Hi Patty, I’m visiting from the New Quilt Bloggers Group. What a beautiful quilt! I’ve never used acrylic templates before, just specialty rulers. You might as well count me in for the BAUBLE ACRYLIC GIVEAWAY.


  4. This looks like great fun. I would love to have the templates from the BAUBLE ACRYLIC GIVEAWAY!


  5. Stunning quilt! The templates in the Bauble Acrylic Giveaway would make this even more fun if I were the lucky winner!


  6. Bauble Acrylic Giveaway…….would be terrific to have the templates for a beautiful quilt!


  7. Would love to join this! Please enter me in the BAUBLE ACRYLIC GIVEWAY 🙂


  8. Your quilt is beautiful. I would love to quilt along and win a set too. 🙂 Thanks for the chance.


  9. I adore this quilt! I’d love to be entered in the BAUBLE ACRYLIC GIVEAWAY.


  10. I would love to be entered in the Bauble Acrylic Giveaway! I used to pass by quilts like this one because they looked too difficult, but I think I am now up for the challenge.


  11. Love this quilt. I would love to win a template set so please enter me in the BAUBLE ACRYLIC GIVEAWAY.


  12. I’m so excited about this sew along with you and others. Please include me in the drawing for the templates for this project!


  13. Hi, I would love to be entered into the BAUBLE ACRYLIC GIVEAWAY! It is such a beautiful quilt!


  14. I think I just stumbled upon my next “gotta make it” quilt, the templates in the BAUBLE ACRYLIC GIVEAWAY should make this task much easier. I love the look of this quilt.


  15. I’ve wanted to make this quilt for so long! The BAUBLE ACRYLIC GIVEAWAY will certainly help to get me started! Thanks for this opportunity.

  16. THE BAUBLE ACRYLIC GIVEAWAY is a very exiting new system for a different look in quilting! I would love to have a set!


  17. I am just getting started to make my first quilt. I am excited about your upcoming quilt along on Facebook. Even though this might prove to be difficult for my first quilt I am going to give it my best stitch. I would love to win the BAUBLE ACRYLIC GIVEAWAY to add to my small stash of quilting tools.


  18. I would love to be considered for your BAUBLE ACRYLIC GIVEAWAY! I am so excited to begin making this quilt! It’s beautiful!!’


  19. I’ve pinned this quilt since I first saw it. I don’t even like orange! BAUBLE ACRYLIC GIVEAWAY.


  20. I’ve just recently gotten sucked in by all the beautiful English Paper Piecing projects that I’m seeing on the web, including this one!!


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