Harry Potter PoD

2011 PoD designed by Jennifer Ofenstein of Fandom In Stitches.com

My son’s birthday is in November and we always went to the new HP movie to celebrate. This quilt is for August; if I ever get it finished, as he likes to remind me.

I’ve been working on this quilt since 2011, and still pick up fabric for it here and there. There are 30 original blocks and I’m down to 8 5. We have big plans (dreams, really) of what to add to make it look like a freestanding bookcase: stuff on top (baby Nobert(a), below (Crookshanks and/or Scabbers), and perhaps photographs hanging on the walls beside the bookcase. It would be pretty cool to add the Harry’s Firebolt, Griffindor’s Sword, and the Tri-Wizard Cup.  Jennifer has revised a lot of the blocks to include some with a “Dark Arts” theme.  I’m sure some of these will make it into August’s quilt.

I am (very slowly) hand the embroidering book titles, spider webs, etc.



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